Hash Terms

"Are You?" Question shouted by the pack to FRBs, meaning "Are you on the trail?"
Searching... A shout said when seeing the searching sign -a circle with an X in the middle- to push The

Hares to do the search instead of wandering lazily.

Back hare/Sweeper Hare who remains with the last runners
Bar Trail mark indicating that the true trail branches off prior to the mark
Bash Bicycle Hash
Beer Check Beverage stop or trail mark indicating a beverage stop
Beermeister The person that supplies the beer, soda, water, and chips for the hash
Boob Check see Ladies' Check
Check Trail mark indicating the true trail must be sought out from the false trails
Check Back Same as false trail
Circle Assembly of hashers at trail's end, normally for the purpose of conducting down-downs
Checking Answer shouted by FRB to pack when asked "Are You?", indicating that FRB has not determined whether the trail he's following is true or false
Check-it-out Invitation given to the hounds by the hare to find the true trail
Crop busting Short-cutting across a field
DFL Dead Fucking Last: Slowest member(s) of the pack, or the last to arrive at the on-in
Down-Down The ceremony of quaffing a beverage (an honor)
Dust Sawdust or flour used to mark the trail
Eurohash International hashing event held in Europe in odd-numbered years
False trail A short trail ended with the Tee sign, three lines, or other mark indicating termination, see also Falsies
Falsie A false trail
FBI First Bitch In: The first harriette to arrive at the on-in
FRB Front-Running Bastard: Faster members of the pack, or the first to arrive at the on-in
Grand Master (GM) mismanagement member, ceremonial leader of the hash. This term is, in many hashes, given to the Hash Master after his tenure.
Grand Mistress (GM) mismanagement member, female ceremonial leader of the hash. This term is, in many hashes, given to the Hash Mistress after her tenure.
Haberdasher Mismanagement member in charge of T-shirts, hats, mementos, etc
Hare Hasher who lays the trail
Hare Raiser Mismanagement member in charge of lining up hares for future trails
Harriette Female hasher
Hash Cash Mismanagement member; the treasurer
Hash Horn Mismanagement member; carries a horn or bugle on trail, blows it to encourage and guide the pack
Hash House The Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur, meeting place of the Mother Hash
Hash House Harrier Any hasher
Hash Master (HM) Mismanagement member, Lead of Ceremonies
Hash Mistress Mismanagement member. Female Lead of Ceremonies.
Hash Name Nickname, usually bestowed after a set number of runs or in honour of a notable incident; not used by all hashes
Hash Trash see 'The Words'
Hash Shit Offensive or embarrassing object given to a hasher for notable on-trail accomplishments, normally carried by the awardee on subsequent trails until it is awarded to someone else
Hasher Any Hash House Harrier
Hashing The act of running a hash trail
Held/hold Check Trail mark indicating an intersection where true trail may take another direction, but requires hashers to wait until ordered by the hare to 'check it out'
Horrors Hashers' children
Hounds The body of hashers in pursuit of the hare, see also Pack
Interhash Regional, national, or world hash gathering
Kennel Local Hash Group
Knitting Circle Group of harriers or harriettes (usually the latter) who spend more time walking and talking than hashing.
Ladies' Check Harriettes to 'check it out'
Live Hare Hare who gets a nominal head start and is pursued by the pack as he or she lays trail
Looking Answer shouted by FRB to pack when asked "Are You?", indicating that FRB has lost the true trail
Mismanagement Hash officials; sometimes elected, sometimes appointed
Mutt A hashers dog
Nash hash A national interhash
Newbies or FNGs Virgin hashers
On In Trail's end, also On-Inn; trail mark indicating proximity to end
On On Shouted by FRBs or hounds to indicate they're on trail, sometimes used only to indicate true trail; trail mark indicating true trail
On Sec Mismanagement member normally in charge of hash rosters, run records, etc
Puppies Hashers' children, see Horrors
Receding Hareline List of up-and-coming hash events, normally printed in The Words
Religious Advisor (RA) Mismanagement member, often in charge of Circle, also in charge of blessing the hash and settling disputes over tradition
RG Trail marking indicating hashers should not continue until The Pack has regrouped
Scribe Mismanagement member normally in charge of writing The Words
SCB Short-Cutting Bastard: habitual short-cutter
Shiggy Thick vegetation, streams, etc; especially mud
Strollers see knitting circle
Sweeper see Back hare
The Words/Hash Trash Weekly hash newspaper mainly recounting the events of the last run, written by the Hare(s)
T(ee) Hash mark indicating a section of trail going nowhere, designed to slow down the pack
Tradition Euphemism for "rule"
Virgin Hash newbie


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